How fast do the prints come out?

You won’t have to wait to see the red carpet results – our printer cranks out incredible looking prints in under 60 seconds. This will give you more time to mingle.

I have the best looking friends in the world - is there a limit on how many photos we can print during the party?

You get tons of prints! All our packages provide extra photos during the event so your guests can pose for solo pics, sweetheart pics, “the whole gang” pics, and everything in between.  We do reprints for large groups as well.

Prints are so last century… will I be able to see my shots online?

All photos created in the Photo Booth are uploaded to a Facebook gallery after the event is over, and can also be uploaded to a password protected gallery at your request.

Is it possible to order reprints after the event?

Guests take home any prints created during the party, but we’ll leave the reprints to you. Once we post your pics online, you are of course free to share, download, print, and reprint to your heart’s content. We can reprint photos during the night, or your guests can have them for free once the event is over.  We can even give you each image in full resolution if you want to make a huge print for your wall.  As a bonus, we can also create a poster print of all the photostrips from the evening.

How big is the actual photo booth? Will it take up a lot of space?

The Photo Booth is big enough to be the center of attention at any event, but slim enough to fit in even the smallest living room for any party. The total footprint of the booth is roughly 6X6.

We have a themed party and we want to get creative with the booth. Is it okay to add our own props and backdrops?

Absolutely! You can choose one of our unique backdrops and use our box-o-props, but you are more than welcome to add your own props and backdrop to further personalize your event. This could be a simple poster commemorating the occasion, or a full-on environment. Think colorful and funny – anything to make your guests loosen up and look great when they pose. You could even provide slip-on costumes and wigs, like zombies, cowboys, or the retro decade of your choice. The more creative you get, the more unique the pics will be!

Can I brand the pics with my own logo?

Yes! Every one of our packages comes with a custom logo added right to the prints. Customize the images with your name, company logo, reason for the party, etc. it’s up to you.  We can work with you to create any set up you need.

Do you deliver?

At this time we can only set up the booth within 30 miles of Chadron.  We can travel with the booth for a mileage charge of $1 per mile for the trip to your event.  Unsure about the total cost?  Email us to find out your exact costs.

Do I need to provide anything?

Your amazing looks!  Well, OK we need enough room to set up the Photo Booth and plug it in.  We also need some space to set up tables for props if you want to look even more amazing..